November 20, 2018 by EVHC Editorial Team

The Perfect Fit: Tailor Your Healthcare Coverage To Fit Your Employees | Sapoznik Health Insurance

Guest Blog Summary | Sapoznik Insurance Agency | Where Health Benefits

Choosing the right healthcare coverage is difficult and often seems like a one-size-fits-all package: expensive coverage with options you may not need.

Whether you’re a CFO, HR Director, or company leader, you’ve got a difficult decision to make. How do you keep employees happy and control costs in a high insurance premium environment? Going with a traditional, fully insured health insurance plan may not help you reach your goals, but you’re not sure what alternatives exist. If only you could design your own plan….

You’d choose a plan you could monitor for cost-effectiveness and retain your talented staff members. It would have the benefits designed specifically for your employee demographics without paying for benefits you don’t need. And it would fit your budget.

Creating your own healthcare insurance plan is no longer a dream, but a reality. So, how do you do it?

Find a reliable partner that can provide you with 6 important things: read the full article on Sapoznik’s Blog Here!

Benefits should be designed to fit your unique needs, at a price you can afford, and that employees will like and use. Here is a case study that will walk you through the advantages of a customizable, self-funding insurance plan.