who we serve

Evolution Healthcare is committed to the success of those we partner with and serve. We ensure an exceptional experience for each broker, employer, and member by providing high-quality self-funded insurance solutions, savings, and dedicated service.


EVHC understands the critical role brokers play in delivering the highest quality healthcare solutions to your clients. We offer innovative, simplified self-funding solutions, along with consultative support to exceed your clients’ expectations, all while making your job easier.

EVHC for Brokers

  • A “just add water” approach to self-funding
  • Market differentiator
  • Access to plan performance data
  • Robust consultative support
  • A chance to be an integral part of your clients’ business


If you’re a mid-market employer, you’re a good candidate for an EVHC self-funding health plan. We never use ready-made plans because your plan needs to reflect your workforce needs and your company goals. Our team of experts are available to keep your group healthcare plan on track.

EVHC for Employers

  • Benefits integrated to HR and payroll platform
  • Actionable plan performance data
  • Consultative Resources
  • IT support
  • Risk Management


Your health is more than just taking care of you when you need healthcare for an illness or injury. EVHC offers our members services intended to keep you healthy. But if you do need care for an illness or an injury, our networks and special member services are here for you. Healthcare has evolved.

EVHC for Members

  • Benefits integrated to HR and payroll platform
  • Telemedicine
  • EAP
  • Disease Management
  • Wellness programs