Articles for March 2018

Employer Worries Keep Brokers From Presenting Self-Funded Healthcare

March 13th, 2018

It’s quite apparent the healthcare landscape is changing and will continue to change. As premiums rise, the market is impacted in significant ways. Limited carrier competition, fewer funding options and medical inflation are just a few of the biggest issues companies face when looking for their best healthcare solution.

To help mitigate the healthcare spend runaway train, many have turned to level or self-funded healthcare plans (as many as 56% of 200+ employee groups). So, why are so many brokers still hesitating to present self-funded options to small to mid-size companies? If you’re a broker, quite simply, you’re losing out if you’re not quoting self and level funded options. We understand: your client is worried.  So, let us help you dispel three of the top employer concerns we hear:

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Name Your Price Healthcare?

March 6th, 2018

Companies that self-fund their health plans receive significant cash flow advantages. In fact, using reference-based pricing can save employers 25 percent or more on their health spend.

Considering a plan change? It’s time to name your price and no longer be at the mercy of hospital pricing. Learn more about how reference-based pricing and self-funded options are helping employers reduce healthcare spend and save money.

Check out this great article from Business Journals – it’s worth the read!

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