Articles for June 2018

Breaking Down BUCA: The Healthcare Landscape Has Changed

June 29th, 2018

BUCA?  Is that a new form of digital currency?  An Italian restaurant chain?

No. BUCA affects nearly 170 million lives in the U.S.  But you might not be sure who they are or what they do, even though they dramatically affect your business as a healthcare broker and your clients.

In this article, get a good understanding of what BUCA stands for and see how the healthcare landscape has changed. As premiums continue rising, your clients (employers) seek relief from the high-cost, limited healthcare plan options…and there is a solution.

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What Your CFO Needs from the Human Resources Director

June 14th, 2018

Generally, you will see human resources and finance as two separate departments of a company, but at times there are certain tasks that are integrated to track all company expenses and information, like employee payroll, benefits, and position type.

One of the largest responsibilities of the Human Resources (HR) Director at your company is the insurance and benefits of the company and employees alike. While HR does not always report directly to the CFO, there are expenses approved by Human Resources that need to be reported to Finance to have all the details of your company finances tracked properly. Here are 3 types of expenses and information that every HR Director needs to organize and effectively present to their C-level team:…
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