Articles for August 2018

5 Ways to Make You a Healthcare Hero

August 16th, 2018

Enrollment season will be here before you know it.  Soon, your calendar will be booked with client appointments that include the CFO who wants to control costs, the HR manager who wants an easy-to-administer plan, and employees who want great benefits.  They’re all on edge, waiting for someone to rescue them from the inevitable shock of yet another double-digit healthcare premium increase.  If only someone could burst through the office door with an innovative idea that would provide a plan that employees love, the HR manager can easily manage, at a price that makes the CFO nod in agreement.

What if you could be their healthcare hero?  The person with the innovative plan, that provides the benefits they want, with low overhead, at a market-competitive cost?

If you haven’t looked into self-funded insurance plans, now is the time.  Self-funded plans offer viable plan alternatives and improve your client retention.  Everyone, including your best client, is looking for options to lower cost and sustain benefit levels. Self-funded plans are a great alternative to fully funded plans, and now is the time to learn about them – before the enrollment season….
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