April 2, 2019 by EVHC Editorial Team

Self-funded Success: Adult Care Provider Case Study

meeting with healthcare plan data

It’s no secret that healthcare costs and services will continue to influence business decisions on a daily basis. Employers are faced with limited options and sky-high health plan costs – with only the promise of further increases in the future. See how an Adult Care Provider experienced self-funded success and gained $640,000+ savings after moving away from a fully-insured plan.

This case study highlights an Adult Care Provider that was hit with yet another rise in their fixed premiums under a fully-insured healthcare plan. A 20% renewal increase could only mean either degrading their benefits or increasing the costs to their employees – a difficult decision they were not willing to make.

After being presented with the Evolution option, they made the decision to move forward with a different healthcare benefit plan and acquisition strategy that provided better benefits at a lesser year-over-year cost – a customized plan that matched their financial goals. Their plan provided them with transparent costs and actionable claims data. Moving to a partially self-funded plan was the right choice for them.

Here’s why…

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